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Date: 03/31/2021

Public Health Advisory:
Information and messages about Coronavirus
The University of Virginia continues to monitor the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on health and safety conditions. See UVA's Coronavirus Information for the latest University information and resources. Student international travel for university related purposes is restricted through May 31, 2021 in response to the pandemic. For essential international travel for University-related purposes, advanced graduate students and GME residents and fellows may request an exemption to the restriction of student international travel; email for further details.  As conditions improve, the University will revise the current restriction on student international travel.  Summer 2021 Update: UVA faculty-led education abroad programs have been cancelled, and no student international travel for Student Projects Abroad will be approved. Students may be able to study abroad this summer (after May 31) through outside programs and the UVA in Valencia and UVA in Florence programs, each of which is operated by an in-country provider, pending review of local health, safety, and security conditions and student plans.  See ISO's COVID Considerations page for the latest education abroad updates for Summer '21, Fall '21, and Academic Year '21-'22. Faculty and Staff international travel is restricted until further notice. Faculty or staff who wish to request an exception to the prohibition on international travel, should request an application from the Office of the Provost’s at


For 37 years UVA in Valencia has given UVA students an opportunity to expand their horizon

2020 ISO Graduation Award Recipients

2020 ISO Graduation Award Recipients

Abbis Haider Jaffri, Hamed Joodaki, Yi Fan Lim, Huiru Shen, and Xingyu Zhang


About the ISO

The International Studies Office (ISO), a division of UVA Global, is a University-wide resource which contributes to UVA's global mission through activities, programs and services designed to support the development of a globally aware, culturally diverse education and research environment. Through the International Students and Scholars Program, UVA Education Abroad, and the Lorna Sundberg International Center, the ISO provides expertise and infrastructure to help expand and sustain global education at the University of Virginia. The ISO is also home to the CORE (Cultural Orientation, Reflection, and Engagement) Program and the Peace Corps Prep Program.


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