• After five years of service as Vice Provost for Global Affairs, Professor Jeffrey W. Legro to become the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at the University of Richmond.
  • Exchange students get ready for their first American football game with the ISO/IRC tailgate party and Football 101 workshop.
  • UVA’s DiShaan student dance troupe performs at the annual Global Expo.
  • UVa in Lyon – Semester and Summer Education Abroad Programs
  • Taste of Africa Cooking Class at the Lorna Sundberg International Center
  • The Annual Mary Ellen Brown Family Picnic celebrates international students and scholars, their families, and Lorna Sundberg International Center Volunteers.

About the International Studies Office

The International Studies Office (ISO), a division of UVa Global, is a University-wide resource which contributes to UVa's global mission through activities, programs and services designed to support the development of a globally aware, culturally diverse education and research environment. Through the International Students and Scholars Program, UVa Education Abroad, and the Lorna Sundberg International Center, the ISO provides expertise and infrastructure to help expand and sustain global education at the University of Virginia.