Name Title Phone
Dudley J. Doane Director 982-3013
Carol Brown Business Manager 982-2990
Malinda Ashburn Office Manager 243-7759
Tonya James Fiscal Assistant 982-3016
Audrey Knight Fiscal Technician 243-4921
Bridget Ganey Assistant Office Manager 982-3010
Amy France Travel Specialist 243-3427

The International Center

Name Title Phone
Quynh Nguyen Program Coordinator 924-7983
Tanya Reeves Assistant Director 924-7980

International Students and Scholars Program

Name Title Phone
Richard Tanson Sr. International Student & Scholar Advisor 982-3017
Linda Callihan International Student & Scholar Advisor 982-3015

Adrienne Kim Bird

International Student & Scholar Advisor 243-1433

Education Abroad

Name Title Phone
Ryan Hathaway Education Abroad Advisor 243-2151
Stacey Hansen Sr. Education Abroad Advisor 924-4252
Leah Barber Education Abroad Advisor 982-3042
Abey Leake Education Abroad Advisor 243-6822
Kathleen McLaren-Hawking Education Abroad Advisor 924-7667
Liz Wellbeloved Stone Education Abroad Advisor 924-7155
Catarina Krizancic Project Coordinator, International Undergraduate Projects 982-3049
Dennis Bebel IT Assistant 243-6822
Erica Goldfarb Education Abroad & ISSP Promotional Coordinator 243-2310